This article provides a starting point for identifying risk in Australian government programs.

Programs are based on the following fundamental logic:

  • We want to achieve ‘xyz’ Outcomes (positive impacts and benefits)
  • To do that, we need to implement these Capabilities (operational end state – the future state has become the current state)
  • Which are made up of these Outputs (the tangible products or things produced)
  • That can be delivered with these Inputs (the time and resources required)

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The Interplay between Program Logic and Risk Management

Risk identification and development of strategies to manage them is paramount to the successful execution of any program. Risks can come from various sources and potentially impact any facet of the program logic framework. For example, risks to Inputs could include budget constraints or staff shortages, while Operational Capabilities could be affected by technological failures or implementation issues. Likewise, risks to Outputs and Outcomes might emerge from market fluctuations, policy changes, or unexpected social, economic, or environmental circumstances.

Understanding these potential threats enables more informed and proactive decision-making, thereby increasing the resilience and efficiency of programs and projects within the Australian government context.

The following example highlights this relationship and shows the flow on effects of risks throughout the program logic.

Identifying and managing these risks is essential for effective program management. Risk mitigation strategies may include conducting thorough risk assessments, implementing monitoring and evaluation processes, establishing contingency plans, fostering strong partnerships, and continuously adapting and refining the program in response to emerging risks.

By recognising and addressing the risks associated with each component, program managers can increase the likelihood of program success and improve the overall impact of their interventions.

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