This guide shares the fundamental art and science of BPM, offering a blueprint to enhance operational effectiveness and team competency.

Benefits of Thinkable’s Business Process Performance services

  • Strategic Insight: Understand your current operational state to envision a more efficient future.
  • Value Optimisation: Ensure that every minute and dollar spent is maximised.
  • Capability Building: Empower your team to independently map processes across various functions.

What is a business process?

A process is any repeated activity that delivers value for an organisation. It’s the standard way of doing things – like a recruitment process, grant process, governance process, or any other repeated function in Australian Government agencies.

What happens when processes aren’t working?

  • Operational inefficiencies and project failures
  • Confusion and errors leading to reduced accountability
  • Resource wastage
  • Delays and customer dissatisfaction
  • Cultural misalignment and blame games

Understanding Process Levels

It’s important to look at processes within the context of the business function and value chain of your organisation. Business functions (defined through a business operating model), are made up of multiple-connected business processes. Together they deliver value for the broader organisation.

  • Level 1: Business Model — Overview of the primary business function.
  • Level 2: Value Chain — The sequence of actions to achieve an outcome.
  • Level 3: Detailed Processes — Specific inputs, steps, and outputs in the value chain.
  • Level 4: Procedures — Detailed actions required at each step.

Download Business Model Structure PDF

The fundamental building blocks of a business process

All business models are made up of the following components.

  • Value: Strategic alignment and performance metrics.
  • Rules: Adherence to laws and internal policies.
  • Process Maps: Documentation of steps, inputs, outputs, and controls.
  • Variations: Management of risks and exceptions.
  • People: Roles, responsibilities, and skill development.
  • Tools: Procedures, templates, equipment and guidance materials.
  • Systems: Integration of IT systems, automation, and data management.

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Thinkable’s collaborative and cost-effective process modelling services

Let’s collaborate to refine your processes and achieve remarkable efficiency in your complex projects.

Our methodology involves an inclusive approach where we integrate one or two of your internal resources into our project team from the outset. This strategy guarantees that by the project’s conclusion, your team is equipped to independently facilitate workshops and refine business processes.

By adhering to the BPMN 2.0 standard, our approach not only standardises process modelling across government agencies, but also ensures these models are accessible and amendable post-delivery.

We have a strong track record modelling complex, multi-jurisdictional and tech heavy processes. Taking a practical approach to understanding how things currently work and how they should work in the future is how we consistently drive strategic success for our clients.

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